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Icosandria’s journey started in December 2021 as the solo project of Tiago Pereira, who had cut his teeth in the underground scene in various rock and metal adjacent projects. Icosandria however, is a brand new and massive undertaking to carry, expose, and deliver an emotively charged impact – a motif that fully realises itself already on the band’s imminent debut. Soon after its formation, the band expanded into involving close friends and musical collaborators, which includes Rui Moreira, Miguel Pinhal, Paulo Silva and Miguel Almeida, making Icosandria a fully fledged band instead of a mere one-man project.

The band's goal is to take the dreamscapes of shoegaze / post-rock and combine with those with the intensity of metal, to transport the listener onto a novel plane of emotions..

The band’s main musical influences are the likes Alcest, Les Discrets, Deafheaven and Opeth, simply everything that evokes a feeling of melancholy mixed with nostalgia, while the main lyrical inspiration is drawn from philosophy, human afflictions, and nature, tinted with motives and experiences amassed from everyday life. Catharsis and bittersweet nostalgia are the main foundation, onto which the towers of fury and despair driven from the suffocating present are built.

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